Insights through validation

We design experiments that results in Growth. Insights. Collaboration. Momentum.

We help companies and startups develop their products, train their teams and solve business problems.

Design Sprint

Got an idea or looking for new ones? Running a Design sprint is an effective way for bringing ideas to life - or kill bad ones early on. Instead of investing months of time, not knowing if your’re on the right track - we can get you answers in just 4 days. A design sprint takes off from a big challenge which becomes the foundation from where we explore different solutions and finally test a concept with real users. This is something for the bold and open-minded.

User Experience Design

Simply about designing a better experience for users of a specific product or service. We help organisations develop their digital services and products by taking on a role as the users ”advocate”. Always delivering what you need to hear, not necessarily want to hear. We can help you with research, design, prototyping, testing and measurement.

Experiments & Usability testing

We don’t wear any white lab coats (unless that’s your thing) but we do enjoy a great experiment. The best way to find great answers is by asking the rights questions. We conduct user tests in our creative lab where we do everything from designing the test with our clients, gathering the right users and summarising all data to extract insights. Since our research lab is divided in two rooms and accessible through private digital medias - even some of the busiest people in your organisation can participate in studying our test subjects. Fun right?


Looking at something through numbers and data minimize the risk of being to subjecting in different decisions. We try to bring a data driven approach in all our work. Therefore we offer various help in deciding on important KPI:s, implementing the right metrics and analyzing the results.


We love to be part of executing and building a brand. When it comes to visualizing branding concepts, identities, interactive prototypes and various forms of content - we are happy to help.